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This is what other wholesalers say about us

Hassan Assabban
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In less than 6 months, OrderCast converted 95% of our B2B orders online. We’re done with the era of re-entering orders manually, and we finally have clarity and visibility in our operations

Ferdinand Roubaix
Beltracy Logo

While we were busy developing a solution with an IT provider for over a year, we were busy finding an order-taking solution. Because of its simplicity, OrderCast is by far the best solution on the market.

Robin Claessens
Newtree Logo

Within a few hours, I was able to see a demo of my own products on a turnkey online store ready for my customers. The product is so well done that it would have taken me several months or even years to achieve such a result. Incredibly well thought out!

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No more time wasted transcribing requests received by email, phone or fax into your ERP.

No continuous back-and-forth trying to finalize orders. Your clients get a point-and-click shopping experience, seeing the right pricing, up-to-date stock availability, and shipping estimates.

Free your employees

Wholesale businesses spend hours every day interpreting customer orders and importing them into their ERP. With OrderCast, your employees can save tons of time and effort, freeing them to find areas ripe for adding value.

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From a spreadsheet to an entire ordering solution

Add new inventory and products to your spreadsheet. They’re instantly synchronized and available for purchase on your site.

Your clients will thank you

Without even knowing that OrderCast exists!
(Feel free to tell them)

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Instant search

Whether they know your SKUs by heart or want to find a new product, clients find what they’re looking for - fast.

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Discovery mode

Clients easily surf through your catalog, finding items they need and clicking to add them to their basket.

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Barcode Mode

Your client is able to directly scan your items from any barcode scanner or mobile device.

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Integrated quotes

Thanks to their saved customer profile, clients can see the right prices, manage their budget and order the exact amount they need.

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Easy parcel tracking

Clients can always check in on the status and location of their order.

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Order history & Bestsellers

Clients can easily access and replicate their previous orders while also adding new bestselling items.

Got questions?

Get the answers here.

I already have an ERP - is that a problem?

No, having an ERP is great - it will make onboarding even easier. We’ll be able to use the ERP to extract the items you want to sell online, creating a ready-to-use layer on top of the ERP in a matter of days.

Can I use OrderCast without an ERP?

You definitely can ! Our back-office does exactly what an ERP would: clients management, invoices and orders management.

Should I worry about finding a website host?

No, we take care of all that. The time of needing to host your own servers is over.

Do I still own my website domain?

Absolutely! We connect OrderCast to your website domain, but you remain the site owner.

Are there any set-up fees?

No. We have a dedicated team to make your onboarding as smooth as possible. As soon as your website’s ready, you can start selling online!

How much does OrderCast cost?

Our monthly pricing plans are tailored for your wholesale business, depending on the total number of SKUs, turnover, etc. We can set up a demo session and discuss the details.

Can I cancel my plan at any time?

Subscribing to OrderCast includes a minimum commitment of 3 months. If you aren’t satisfied at the end of those first 3 months, we’ll issue a full refund. After that, you’re free to cancel your plan at any time (after providing 30 days notice).

Does the price of OrderCast depend on how many people within my company use the tool?

No - and to be honest, we hate that business model, we think it’s unfair! Once your monthly fee is established, you can onboard as many employees as you want to use OrderCast.

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